Distributor Spotlight: Firefly Smart

For our first distributor spotlight of the year, we could think of no one better than Firefly Smart. Based out of Australia, Director of FireFly Smart Mr. Hamish Barr has a passion for renewable energy.  Having years of experience in the portable energy sector he leads FireFly Smart in having a respect for the planet via renewable portable power solutions. FireFly Smart has embraced the green technology that 'Hybrid Power Solutions' provide and considers that portable battery power is the future direction that all sectors will continue to adopt and embrace. Australia is a vast land that requires adaptable power solutions due to the climate and sheer size of the country. The products that FireFly Smart and Hybrid Power Solutions provide, offer the next generation of green and reliable power, to a customer base who are continually becoming more focused on the planet. 

For more information on Firefly Smart check out their website or social media channels: 


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