Super Efficient Solar Ready Homes


The cost of Solar, especially when you factor in grants and subsidies, makes more and more sense. Millions of homes and businesses have been installed and millions more will be in the future.

For those who are considering solar for either a residential or commercial solar project, one thing to consider is whether the building is solar-ready. It makes the most sense to install solar onto a building that has been assessed and retrofitting for energy efficiency upgrades.

Installing Solar will in fact produce energy for the home, but it will not make the building more energy-efficient, nor will it make the residence more comfortable.

Once a building has been retrofitted with energy-saving solutions, due to the fact the residence or commercial structure will be more comfortable and use fewer kilowatts, a smaller solar array can be fitted. A good energy-saving retrofit can save up to 50% of heating and cooling needs, which in turn places less demand on the Solar array.

How to determine if your home is efficient…

Consider an Energy efficiency analysis, in or to determine the inefficiencies in your home and the available solutions and retrofit upgrades. The energy assessment will also help you determine the size of the solar system installation required to meet your specific needs.

So, before rushing into a Solar installation, talk to one of our Eco Advisors to determine if your home can be made more solar-ready.

Comfort can be increased greatly, and energy bills can be reduced significantly providing for the need for a smaller Solar system. Reduce (energy efficiency) before you Produce (Solar Energy) just makes cents. $$$$$


Paul Johnson

Hybrid Power Solutions - Solar and Energy Storage Systems




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