The Sol-Ark 12K is an all-in-one solar inverter system can be used for off grid or grid tied systems. This has become one our most popular inverters!

Connections 120/240/208V Split Phase
Continous AC Power to Load (Off-Grid) 9,000W 37.5A -L (240V)
Surge AC Power (100ms) 25,000VA L-L (240V)
Parallel Stacking Yes
Max Allowed PV Power 6,500W + 6,500W = 13,000W
Max PV Power Delivered to Battery & AC Outputs 12,000W
MPPT Voltage Range 150-425V
Dimensions 76.2 cm x 46.5 cm x 24.5 cm [30 in x 18.3 in x 9.65 in]
Weight 35.3 kgs [78 lbs]
Standard Warranty 10 years
Country of Origin Made in China
The Sol-Ark 12K all-in-one solar generator system is the ultimate off grid and grid tied solar inverter. It comes with tons of built-in features such as remote monitoring, peak shaving, programmable power management and other premium features. You can even choose to charge your EV only when you have excess solar power.