With the Hybrid Power Solutions Power Tower, going off-grid or installing backup power has never been easier. This beautiful glass cabinet system reduces installation time by up to 70%, lowering the cost of installation while providing excellent power capabilities.

Power Output 6,000 W
Surge Power Output 18,000 W
Output Voltage 120 VAC
Sine Wave Pure Sine
AC Input 120 VAC up to 60 A
Battery Charging from Grid/Generator Selectable up to 50A
Solar Array Power 3,500W
Maximum Solar Input 30A
Maximum Solar Voltage 135 VDC
Weight 75 kgs [165 lbs]
Dimensions 88 x 56 x 24.5 cm [34.6 in x 22 in x 24.5 in]
Standard Warranty 3 years
Country of Origin Assembled in Canada with parts from North America & China
As a completely integrated inverter combining solar, DC to AC conversion, battery charging, grid bypass and automatic generator start, the Power Tower is a plug-and-play system that makes install a breeze. It houses all electronics in one, elegant locking glass cabinet, making it easy to get up and running by plugging in the batteries and solar panels, then wiring the output into your breaker panel. With an integrated Automatic Generator Start (AGS), even in the worst case scenarios, a backup generator can automatically be started when the batteries hit a critical level.